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Fitness & Health

Fitness & Health

Echo has helped successful fitness brands grow, scale and engage their clients with their own customized, interactive mobile applications. Clients can choose from a variety of useful features for a robust mobile app or add their own custom features to make the platform unique to their business.

Admin Features

  • Customized App to Your Brand, Logo and Graphics

  • Simple Content Management System

  • Easily Create & Launch Fitness Challenges

  • Create and Organize Teams and Discussion Boards

  • Create and Manage Meal Plans and Workout Routines

  • Increase revenue with easy subscription via app

  • Activate Push notifications: to announce and promote new challenges or programs

  • Increase Revenue with In-App Purchases: Upsell program enhancements, products or supplements

  • e-Commerce Store Integration


User Features

  • Easy-to-Access Workouts and Meal Plans

  • Macro Calculator

  • Motivating discussion boards to comment, like and interact with members and coaches (admins)

  • Video & Photo Upload

  • Easy Profile Builder and Login

  • Countdown Timers

  • Program Alerts

  • FAQs

Project Gallery

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