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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is changing the way companies reach consumers in unique ways! Now, it is easy to provide experiences to see products and content right in the user’s world. Transform how your brand is perceived with technology-enhanced simulations that can be overlaid right into the real world.

Below are several of the latest marketing technology tactics by the team at Echo. By using image tracking, we are able to trigger full motion video from a still image on marketing pieces and items such as mailers, posters, murals, promo items and vinyl backgrounds. Imagine your creative coming to life!

With your existing mobile application or even a new AR-optimized application, you can provide a new view of your client’s environment and increase engagement, sales, interaction and more. Your AR experience can be a video, an animation, OR a 3D object. What’s more, the experience can include a “hot spot” that encourages your audience, through a call-to-action, to click, register, find out more, or purchase.

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